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Colourful Farfalline

If you read my food blog last year (here’s the link to the post), you may have seen that I fell in love with some really pretty pasta in Vincenzo’s, and I regret not buying it at the time. I keep looking for it, but its gone…

I did stumble across some other colour pasta in Homesense though, and it was on special so I bought two bags – one coloured with beetroot, and another with squid ink.

On Sunday I made up a batch of potent lemon pesto, with so much garlic I will be tasting it all week. Not great for allergies, but geez it was delicious! I cooked up the pasta, stirred through the pesto with a tablespoon of sour cream, and it looked like this:

Could have used a bit of pancetta (I honestly think these are my most frequently used words), but still delicious. It was a shame so much of the vibrant colour came out during cooking the pasta, but still rather pretty, don’t you think?

I am a bit nervous to use the squid ink pasta, its exactly the same but black. I can only imagine the amount of colour run while cooking. Although I think it might make a lovely salmon pasta salad. We will see.


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