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Friends vs Salad

For years many of us have been chanting the ‘you don’t win friends with salad’, because, lets face it, salad isn’t exactly friend making material. However, the more days I put behind me, the more I realise that there actually isn’t any truth in this, or is there?  As my thought cogs started turning, I […]


Stumbled across this first thing Monday morning at work, I think it has changed the outcome of my entire week. I have been meaning to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes for some time, more like this though: Maybe in a couple of weeks I might give it a crack.  Me love cookies…

NBA and other stuff

Yesterday was indeed an interesting day of Game of Firsts for Team de Souza. It started with my work team having a ‘thing’ – we managed to get our greasy mitts on tickets to the NBA in Toronto in work’s corporate box. Score! And, to make things even more win, we were allowed to bring […]

Paris first thing in the morning

2.5 hours in the hands of Paris, it’s enough time to be uplifted, amused & have your confidence boosted. Although this may be a little misleading, I am not talking about the city, of which I love and would love to go back, I am actually talking about my hair stylist. Her name is Paris […]

Donna Hay, I think you may have a cholesterol problem…

I love Donna Hay, I find the cookbooks stunning, easy enough to follow and normally amazing recipes. I purchased Seasons last year, and so far it has only failed me once (vanilla pastry, but that’s a whole other story). That was until this weekend. I have been meaning to make these apple maple cakes for […]

Polenta Crisps

Stumbled across these Turkish Fig & Chives polenta chips in Vincenzo’s after having a few too many beers on Saturday. I was meant to initiate Dumplingfest 2012 on Saturday, a cooking challenge I have been meaning to do for some time, but after a few pitchers my care factor approached zero and the walk home […]

11:46am is the new noon…

In my world, 12:00pm daily has been dubbed ‘lunch o’clock‘. It has been for the last 7 odd years.  It’s not limited to workdays either, but then again, lunch o’clock can be reconsidered depending on when breakfast took place on the day in question. It’s just logic, really. However the last few days, and possibly […]