O Town

So we are back from our first ever trip to Ottawa, after staying with our friends Mike & Heather. My seriously ill husband made a small recovery and after my two fillings at the dentist on Friday morning we hit the road. Firstly, I blame Mike for calling it O Town, as I latched on to this, and now doing it with every town, which really does get annoying. Where do you draw the line?!

So back to O Town, lets see, where do I start… Firstly, hats off to Heather for being an amazing host. She wouldn’t let us do anything, and her fridge was chockers full of good stuff. From beer to brie, she had it all worked out. She made a ridiculously good spinach dip to start, which I kind of had my way with, and some other cheeses when more visitors to O Town arrived at their place. They were two Canadian’s & their two Aussie friends who moved to Canada six months ago. We drank, ate, laughed, and all of a sudden it was pretty late and of course, more food was on the cards. And what was suggested was something I haven’t had before, and was really unsure about. But hell, we are in Canada, and I need to do Canadian things.  So next think you know, we are heading out in the cold dark night, fueled with beer on a hunt for poutine.

That’s right, poutine. For those who don’t know, its basically fries, cheese curds on top, and then smothered in thick gravy. Sounds disgusting, right? Well, this this is how it went down for me after we found Smokes Poutinerie. Firstly, seriously check out that link. I mean, geez. I thought poutine started and ended with fries & gravy. But there is a whole other world of poutine out there. I was eying off the Montreal option, as anyone who knows me would know that smoked meat, pickles and mustard is my idea of a good time.  But Lee, who has had poutine before, suggested I start with traditional. So that’s exactly what I did, and I have to say, my husband is a smart man. This is what my first poutine experience looked like.


And the verdict? Well, it was not bad actually! Not sure I would do it again, as I might as well inject it straight into my butt, but it was rather tasty, and pretty good after a few beers. There would have been an after shot, but I dribbled gravy all down my silk scarf. Damn that scarf has had a beating the last few weeks.

Heather cut up a beautiful fresh papaya for breakfast which we ate with fresh lime & a sprinkle of sugar, and also had a croissant and some yogurt. We spent a lot of time roaming around, Lee and I shared a sandwich from La Bottega, a standard roast beef & Swiss cheese baguette, with of course, mustard. And it was pretty good. The reason we went there is apparently when Obama was in town, he got a sandwich there. Man, if only we could take Obama to Vincenzo’s, it would blow his mind.

There was an incident with a dropped bueno, but its still too soon to talk about that one, its a bit of a sore point. We did some serious bueno mourning over a few drinks and some deep fried pickles (also a first).

We checked out the canal, unfortunately it was closed for skating (I was secretly relieved) as it was too warm, and we also wandered around some of the Winterlude festivities, such as the ice sculptures & market areas. Lee braved some maple taffy, but my teeth were still a bit sensitive from the dentist so I opted out. Heather did a remarkable job of taking us around, and in the evenings we met up with the other visitors who were really good company, gotta love people who love food!   The second night we head out to a lovely Italian restaurant, Vittoria Tratorria where I had the pescatore, and it was really good, although the seafood didn’t agree with me for too long. Whoops. Totally worth it though, haha!

So on Sunday after a hefty breakfast of eggs, croissants, papaya, yogurt & whatever you can put nutella on, we checked out the War Museum which was really cool, but we ended up a little on the hangry side at the end.  Not only that but as much as I love war museums, I always exit feeling a bit down in the dumps.  So we hit up an awesome Mexican joint which is one of Mike & Heather’s favourites, Ahora’s. Oh man, my chicken quesadilla was one of the best I have ever eaten, and I will be thinking of that place for some time to come.  I wish we had something of that caliber here in KW.

After our late lunch, we rested at home until it was time for dinner and to rejoin the group. We went to a cute pub which I absolutely loved, called Chez Lucien. They don’t have a website so cant share the menu, sorry. I had my first beef burger of 2012, and it was with pear & camembert. *DROOL* I would call that a very good burger. Came with shoestring fries, which were lovely, and a salad, which wasn’t.  Not everyone at the table had a decent food experience unfortunately, but I have to say I loved the atmosphere anyway.

So we were all pretty knackered on Sunday night after dinner, from all the walking, drinking, eating, walking and drinking, so we head home for a knock off (as you do) and called it a night.  Monday morning included an amazing shaved turkey sandwich on a cheesy roll, with some sandwich sauce that rocked – its a vinegary mustardy style salad sauce that just kicked my breakfast roll into overdrive. Lush lush lush.

So that was O Town from my point of view, naturally it was all about the food & booze, and the fantastic company.  My belly hurts from laughing so much and my legs hurt from severe wandering. It was a really chilled trip, and was great to get out of our town for a few days. Thanks Team Hughezenbacher xx


4 comments on “O Town

  1. Sounds like a delicious trip! I once sampled poutine in a Banff restaurant and enjoyed it. Wish they had it around where I am. It would be fun to have a local restaurant that featured some Canadian dishes.

    • It was a delicious trip! The poutine though… its a bit scary. I am already addicted to other unnecessary calories & complex carbs haha, need to steer clear from this one! Consider yourself lucky its not as easily accessible where you are! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. OMG Anna, that looks terrible. You’re one game lady de Soooooz. Miss you. Mx

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