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The dreaded dentist

Shamefully I hadn’t been to the dentist since we left the UK. But upon noticing a broken tooth after the ‘hockey fight’, I was forced to go. It was like the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Incident of 2008 all over again.

My first Canadian dentist visit was… intense. I have pretty good teeth apparently, but the ones that are not so good, well… they are a bit worse than not so good. On the agenda I have 3 fillings, I need two crowns, and one gawd awful root canal, which is a first for me, I have managed to avoid one so far.  So this Friday I have an appointment before we head to Ottawa for two fillings, and I have to wait for our insurance companies to agree to the estimates for the crowns before the rest. It will probably take about a month before the insurances are sorted, so until then I get to live in dental anticipation. Joy.

I know, I know. First world problems and all that, and at least its a good system with insurance etc. But seriously, I don’t just loath dentists, I dread them.

The Dentist Reaper is coming... for my teeth!


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