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I broke my face in a hockey fight

Nah, just kidding, but its the story I am going with for now.

Last night Lee took me out for a lovely dinner, afterwards the snow was beautiful and our skates were in the car so we thought we would check out Waterloo Town Square to see how busy the outdoor rink was. Not very busy at all, and it looked like fun so we thought ‘why not?’. Totally prepared to fall over (being our second time on the ice, ever), we laced up and I grandpa shuffled my way over to the rink.  Well, it was different than the last time, for some reason I thought it would be easier with the snow but I am afraid it was not. I felt myself falling, corrected it, turned to Lee to wave and wham, fell right on my face. On the ice. In front of the general public. There was one guy there who looked horrified and entertained both at the same time, with a dramatic hand over his face, then fled. Yeah man, hide YOUR shame and run! I scrambled to get up and noticed that my face was bleeding. I thought it was my mouth, then my nose, but soon found out it was both, as well as a lovely cut on my nose. Nice, now I have a broken face to overshadow what was otherwise a beautiful evening.

So this is me today, hurt pride and what I am calling my ‘hockey fight injuries’ – swollen, cut & bruised. The camera didn’t quite capture the full extent (like how swollen my nose is!) but it will make do. Something tells me my eyes are in for a bruisin’ also, it hurts like a bitch…


One comment on “I broke my face in a hockey fight

  1. Poor noodle, not too bad. At least you still have teeth!

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