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The sandwich re-return…

What do you do when you stumble across something amazing and cant stop thinking about it? You go back and find it again, right?

So after several days of thinking about the worlds best sandwich, we needed a slight cheer up and went back for it again. The anticipation was killing me, ¬†especially as I have been pimping this at work and had an additional order, I was worried that it wouldn’t rate well at all. Well, here is what I got, the same thing as last time:

The same ingredients, but this time… it was different. Different portions, different texture, and the bread was less fresh. So, on the sandwich scale, this didn’t rate as highly as the previous one, but you know what? It didn’t have to, it just had to be good. And it was.



One comment on “The sandwich re-return…

  1. Well I met my future husband the other day… but I am not sure how to go back and find him! Ah ha ha. Oh well, guess I will just have to settle for a sandwich then!

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