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Was that the worlds best sandwich?!

We have a problem.  And it may be a bit controversial. Yesterday, after my teeny tiny salad at work I was starving. I knew Lee didn’t have any lunch, and he had the day off, so I asked for him to pick us up a sandwich from Vincenzo’s. For those who followed my 365 Days of Food blog last year would know that these sandwiches are a winner in our eyes.  So naturally I was dead excited. I branched out a bit this time, but only slightly. I had the regular rare roast beef on dark rye, as it is to die for, with lettuce, tomato & pesto mayonnaise. This time however, I went with a slice of Swiss cheese, extra pickles & horseradish, and axed the onion.

Now, at this point, you are probably thinking ‘So? What about it?’ as though the sandwich sounds fairly regular. If you are thinking this, then I have to inform you that you are wrong. This wasn’t a regular sandwich. This sandwich was something else. Something special.

I know in my old blog I mentioned Marshall Burgers several times (Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, he was on a burger quest to re-find the ultimate burger from a previous experience). So Lee and I use this as a burger scale. Is this is a Marshall Burger? Yes/No/Maybe. You really do have to watch the episode to get where I am coming from.  The Marshall Burger is not applicable in this situation, obviously because a) its a sandwich, and b) has nothing to do with Marshall. But it definitely has opened our eyes to a new scale of sandwich, and here within lies our problem.

The sandwich was THAT GOOD that I nominated it the best sandwich I have ever had, in my life. And I mean that. Now that I have made that declaration, we fear that there will be some fall out from this, the negative side to the best sandwich I have ever eaten. What if every sandwich from this point forward doesn’t even rate on the sandwich scale? What if we are destined to always compare every sandwich to this sandwich, for the rest of our lives? Does this mean we are going to constantly be let down by sandwich disappointment, even for an above average tasting sandwich? Because if it does folks, I think I have sandwich regret. How could that be though, with the best sandwich I have ever had?

So from there I have had to narrow down what made this sandwich tip the sandwich scale of great to best. I have given it some serious thought over the last 24 hours, and believe I have narrowed down the criteria. My Top 10 Sandwich Criteria To Rate Your Sandwich. I went with 10 because that seems the thing to do.

1. Visuals. Lets face it, something that looks good is appetizing, it starts the process off. I am not saying ugly food cant be amazing, but an attractive sandwich is where it starts.

2. Content. Knowing what you want in a sandwich, and having it readily available.

3. Quality. You need to trust your sandwich.

4. Age. The freshness of your sandwich will definitely be directly related to the overall satisfaction.

5. Mood. You gotta have everything you feel like in there, it will drive your want & need for it.

6. Size. It is so important to not ‘bite off more than you can chew’ in a sandwich. I absolutely love a messy sandwich, but not all the time.  Not in public…

7.  Talkability. If your sandwich is that good, you gotta be able to say ‘Dang, this sandwich is amazing!’ while eating it.

8. Texture. How you eat it, chew it & swallow it all contribute to the sandwich enjoyment process.

9. Hanging. When you finish your sandwich you want to be fulfilled, but have the ‘I wanna do that all over again’ feeling.

10. The Linger. Tasting that sandwich the same as it went in for the next few hours. Nothing beats that. Not to be confused with post onion/garlic flavour, that can be nasty.

This ultimate Vincenzo’s sandwich ticked all those boxes for me, on a massively high scale, and it scares me for all other sandwiches. What chance does another sandwich have against this sandwich?!

I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t have the answers. All I can say is eating that sandwich was like living the dream. Good luck future sandwiches, I will try to not judge you too harshly or compare you too much to the ultimate sandwich experience.



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