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February Five… Five dollar… Five dollar footloooooong

Last year February was the month of Subways introduction to the $5 footlong, and that ridiculously catchy tune I have been singing ever since.  This Feb however is something different for Team de Souza. It’s definitely a month of firsts, and very busy, especially compared to last February. Lets see, where do I start…

Firstly, I am doing a drivers education course. Yes, I am a 32 year old wife who is completely dependent on her husbandman to drive her around because she never bothered to get her license. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did go for my license 3 days before leaving Australia and failed the test (I call it The Stop Sign Incident of 2005). Anyway, here you get discounted insurance if you do this drivers ed course, its 20 hours in a class room, 10 hours of home study and 10 hours of driving lessons. After that, depending on how I am doing, I can either go for my license or have more lessons. I am tipping the latter, but we will see. So this weekend and next weekend are 5 hours each day in class, and I am done with that piece.  I gotta say, its pretty dull work, but worth it for that insurance discount once I get my license. Silly me thinking I could move to Canada without a drivers license . Shame on me.

Other February events include a trip to Ottawa to see Team Hughezenbacher for a long weekend, which will be good fun (always is with those crazy Canadians). We haven’t been to Ottawa before and looking forward to Winterlude, especially skating on the canal. We are terrible skaters, only started this year and well, only been once, so better get some more practice in.

We are also heading up to our friends chalet near their ski club, Beaver Valley. We wont be skiing with them though, as a couple of days later we will head to Horseshoe Valley for our own little ski gettaway. I am really looking forward to getting back on skis, its literally been years, and Lee hasn’t ever been. Fun stuff!

So that is a very quick look at our busy busy month, I am sure more things will pop up to prompt more blogging, so stay tuned….


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