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DETOX – the Ten Day overview and how it went down…

Here is what happened when I went detoxing for ten days.  I kept a bit of a diary going to capture each day as it came, just in case anyone was interested. And perhaps to remind myself of what it was like if I contemplate this again…

Today is a pretty easy day actually. The Metabolic Detoxification 10 Program Guide tells me what I can and can’t eat for the duration of the detox, day to day. There is even a list of fruit and vegetables that I need to follow. Its 7:40am and I have already broken it, I had half a grapefruit, which isn’t listed on the ‘can have’ list. Lemons and limes are, although oranges are not. It’s not a big deal at this point, today is mainly about cutting things out of the diet, the supplement part doesn’t start until tomorrow. Today’s axing is all about refined sugars, caffeine, artificial colorings, flavorings & sweeteners, and meat. I am thinking that last one is the clincher, considering I had already cut out just about everything else for the rest of January.
I have set myself a menu for the ten days, as to not have to worry about what my options are, I just have to get on with it. Lunch today was a ‘legume salad’. Basically chickpeas, black beans, capsicum & onion with a teaspoon of olive oil and another two of apple cider vinegar. Dinner was a baked potato with some lunch on it, haha, and some chopped tomato.

Today’s eliminations include dairy and eggs. Shouldn’t be a problem, haven’t had eggs in weeks. And dairy should be a walk in the park. I had to start my powder today though, it’s called UltraClear Renew, and funnily enough it took me buying it from the naturopath and brining it home before Lee said ‘Do you have fibromyalgia?’ The answer is… not sure, not that I know of! Just goes to show how blindly we trust other peoples advice, right? I checked with my naturopath though and she has assured me this is fine, fibromyalgia isn’t the only purpose of this stuff.

So started on the powder in a shake for breakfast. When I say shake, I mean berries, water & this stuff all blended together. Today is one scoop twice a day. I also have to down a probiotic pill with food twice a day. The scoops increase over the next few days too. This stuff tastes like… vegetable stock. Pretty disgusting.

Lunch was painful. It was the legume salad, which is delicious, but there was a work lunch and everyone was eating bbq pork, beans & salads. Oh my god the room smelled delicious. Still, I sipped my water, munched on my legumes, and managed to get through it ok. Had an apple & a banana immediately after though, my mind was still on the pork!
Dinner was early, had a spinach salad with roasted squash, pecans & pear, drizzled with a bit of apple cider vinegar & seeded mustard. Beautiful. Then washed it down with a shake (just apple juice this time) spiced up with a bit of cinnamon & ginger. And of course, my probiotic.

Queue nasty headache and fatigue, I was in bed by 8:30, asleep by 9. Shame.

Woke up from extremely solid sleep still sporting a headache. Took a lot for me to get out of bed, three hours to be precise, and only because my stomach was rumbling after not eating for 14 hours. Started with a shake, this time cut with water (even though the apple juice is 100% apple juice, no sugar added, I find it too sweet). Worked well, and I think I am getting used to this stuff. Breakfast was a bowl of berries with some pecans. Today’s eliminations include gluten grains, which is not so difficult for me.
Weighed in, as I do most Saturdays, and I have lost the two pounds I gained in Aus, plus another. Nice. Shame I am not allowed to do any heavy exercise while detoxing, I could use a spin class or two.

Lunch was left over spinach salad, and dinner was another baked potato, covered with mushrooms, onion & brussel sprouts. Sounds hideous, but it wasn’t too bad actually. Oh, and the shake, of course. But I forgot my probiotic. Whoops.

Urgh, another headache, what? Damn detoxing, this is rather depressing. I think this has been the toughest day yet, but I am sure that will change. Increased scoops to two twice a day. Had that, and a probiotic, and some berries for breakfast. Had to cut out nuts today, and seeds, and remaining grains.
Today is the last legume day for a few days, and the last ‘any vegetable I want from the list’ day, so I had black bean salad, this time with just capsicum & onion. Funnily enough, had the same thing for dinner, I couldn’t be bothered cooking, so instead just threw some snow peas on that. Had my shake, and my probiotic, and called it a day.

Ok, this is where things start to get a bit harder. Increased scoopage to two scoops four times a day. The next three days I am limited in what I can eat, which is:

• Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts)
• Raw greens (red and green lettuce, romaine, spinach, endive)
• Fresh apples and pears (whole or freshly juiced)
• Canned apple or pear juice (no sugar added)

Breakfast was half a pear and the shake. I had brussel sprouts for lunch, and a salad of spinach, pear & red cabbage. Have to try to get creative of the next few days. Or maybe I will just eat the same thing every day…
The headache is not there as much, although perhaps I have just become used to it. I can tell you though, I am starting to smell like the powder for the shakes. I can smell it in my skin. I am getting used to the taste but the smell, urgh.


I am dreaming of a tenderloin steak slightly seasoned, rare in the middle, and washed down with a glass of cab sav. And maybe another glass, and maybe another, so when I wake up the next day I can have a steaming mug of coffee! Beautiful. It’s that thought that’s getting me through the day! Half way there, I can nearly see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Dinner was healthy slaw (two types of cabbage with a mustard dressing, thankfully mustard is allowed) and roasted cauliflower sprinkled with paprika, and of course the shake. Damn I would have loved to have smothered the cauliflower in garlic & salt, but it did the job, and now my uneventful dinner leftovers become tomorrow’s lunch.
First night of interrupted sleep in a while, since we got back from Aus actually. Every night I have been sleeping like a log, but last night I had weird dreams and woke up, a lot. I am not so sure I can blame this on the detox, although side effects did stipulate problems with sleeping patterns. Meh, who knows. All I know is that it’s not normal to wake up first thing in the morning and crave a hamburger. Even for me.
Uneventful food again today, and again tomorrow, so will keep these entries short. Looking forward to reintroducing other fruit & veg again, and to get off this stinky supplement, I am sick of smelling like vegetable stock! Even my wee looks and smells like something you could make a lovely pancetta risotto from. Pancetta! *cries* Not long now, my sweet pancetta, I will be back for you soon.

Ok, so another boring day on the food front, and its driving me insane. Visit to the naturopath last night left me down hearted, apparently this detox is not yielding the results she expected from me, even though I have lost 4lbs. She wants to start looking at other aspects of my digestion, get me doing a different detox, etc. It was at that moment that I felt like a sale. Let’s try to FIND something wrong with you so you can keep coming back. You know what? Maybe there wasn’t anything hardcore to cleanse. Maybe I am actually fairly healthy. Maybe it’s the mistake you made on my height 5 months ago that yielded screwy results so when you corrected them, it shows that the change was minimal with the detox. So that’s where I draw the line, and cut off the blind guidance from the naturopath. I will finish my detox, and slowly introduce regular foods back in, and focus on being healthy. Eating within my calorie allowance. Eating healthier foods & ensuring I have better options. Exercising. All the regular stuff I don’t need to pay someone $70 a visit to tell me.
I think the worst thing about today is with the down heartedness, I felt like cheating. Like, big time. Every other day it wasn’t an option, but considering its not working according to plan? Well… I did cheat. I introduced other vegetables & white rice 12 hours early. And it was good.

Fun day for all, I cut back my supplements to 2 scoops three times a day, and officially reintroduced other vegetables & fruit! Hoorah. So breakfast was a berry shake, lunch was a shake & some left overs from last night, and tonight was bean salad with roasted sweet potato, and of course a shake. Delicious!

Helloooo fairly normal day! Well, its nearly normal on paper, with the introduction of legumes, decreased shakes to two scoops only twice a day, and all fruit and veg required.
To be honest, the day was meant to be my new favourite salad o’legumes, but that is sitting in the fridge as I went out for lunch. To a steakhouse. And you know what I did? I ordered vegetarian. That is almost unheard of, first meat opportunity and I go with vegetarian?! I introduced wheat and dairy a day early, was meant to be tomorrow, but I figured ‘why not’ and went with it. And it was good.

So I figured today is where I call this detox quit, officially, instead of tomorrow. And went out for dinner with Lee. And to be honest, I went too hard too fast today, and ended up making myself feel really rank. Like, lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself rank. Need to continue the basics while slowly introducing other less regular foods. Still, losing 6lbs in 10 days is worth it, maybe a slight continuation will encourage a few more to follow. We will see.

So here are the questions I asked myself:

Was it worth it? Yes and no. I could bore you to tears with the pros and cons list, but instead I will keep it simple. I proved I could do it, I am glad I did, and I definitely benefited from it.

Would I do it again? Probably not, not this specific detox anyway.

Instead, I walk away happy with some new found elements to contribute to my overall health, and be done with it. Goodbye detox… *forever* <queue manic laughter>

And now, I have my eyes on the prize… but it might have to wait a few more days/week.

My prize...(s)

DAY 10

What a glorious day! Smoothie for breakfast, and a cup of real coffee. Plans on bean salad for lunch (didn’t eat it yesterday) and then something relatively healthy (ridiculously yummy) for dinner. Keeping those options open at this point.

Detox out. xx


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