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Waiting for my superpowers to show

Happy February everyone!

I have had a few interesting health things happen over the last week or so, I have avoided posting an update regarding my detox, as I will do an overall entry covering the 10 days when its over, which is this weekend so stay tuned for that. Until then, I will back track to a few weeks ago when I went for my blood test relating to my thyroid, and a bit further for background. Be warned, its a bit of a rant….

I was diagnosed with Graves disease back in Melbourne in… gosh, 2005? Basically my thyroid was going ballistic, creating more hormones than I needed or could share with 8 other people, and this caused me to shake, swell, and sweat. Nice.  After starting starting treatment and seeing a specialist, it was amazing how my life changed after that, especially in a mobility sense. My movements were much more free and fluid, and less effort to get around. I had no idea I even had a problem, I thought everyone in their 20’s felt sluggish.

So over the years I kept taking the meds, kept seeing different specialists, especially in the UK, and was advised all sorts of things. Everything from ‘you will go into remission’ to ‘you have to have your thyroid killed with radiation’.  I kept putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off again. I even went large stints without taking meds (travel & moving countries can hinder the prescription opportunities). So moving to Canada, and finally getting a doctor after a year of waiting, I went, got my blood tested, and waited.

I get this call a few weeks ago, from the nurse at my clinic, saying everything is fine, my thyroid is acting normally. What?! After 8 years? Seriously?! Naturally I didn’t believe her so I went in for a follow up visit. Yep, its true, my thyroid is functioning normally, I saw the results myself.  My doctor not only thinks I am paranoid now, but assumes I have no faith in his ability as a doctor. Nothing personal doc, its just hard to swallow after all this time and not taking meds for over six months.  So all that happens now is go for another blood test either every three months or if symptoms arise, whichever comes first. The theory is my thyroid will become underactive at some point, and I can spend the rest of my days on thyroxine.  But for now, its smooth sailing, and I can even take cold & flu and allergy medications again. Woot!

Also, last week, I had my eyes tested. Thoroughly. And I even saw pictures they took of inside my eye. Disgusting! But I have to say, its amazing to see how healthy they are. My eyes are in very good condition, and my prescription is now lighter, so they are on the improve. Funny thing is, when I arrived for my appointment they had my date of birth wrong and were expecting a 72 year old woman. Great skin and eyesight for a 72 year old, eh?!

And finally, we are back to the detox and my naturopath.  Again, wont go into too much detail about that, but will write about my naturopath. I had to go back in as last time I was there her machine was broken, its this crazy machine that they hook up electrode things to you and it reads all sorts of things based on your height and weight, such as fluid retention, digestion, mineral absorption, etc. Well firstly, I lost weight (4lbs since my last visit), and she didn’t have my file so asked for my height again. I gave it to her, she gave me a weird look and left the room. When she returned, she had my file, and a confession – she had got my height wrong in my first appointment. BY TEN INCHES.  Naturally that screwed with the stats, especially the body fat % & calorie intake etc. Argh! As for the detox, well, it isn’t working as good as she had expected. So I decided to break up with her. I cant keep going to see someone who is trying to find something wrong with me. I feel good, I am losing weight, I am energized, I am eating better, drinking less, exercising more, and I don’t think there is anything else wrong with me.  I feel like she is fishing for business, and while its been great with the food allergy test & the detox, I have what I went for, and thats it. Until something comes up, I am done with my naturopath.

So I guess the summary of all this, I came out after the last few weeks feeling fitter, taller, healthier, younger and leaner, with amazing eyesight. If I keep going like this I will become superhuman and my dreams of being a superhero will come true! Might wait for the superpowers to show before I choose a costume though…



One comment on “Waiting for my superpowers to show

  1. I absolutely loved reading this! Very entertaining and interesting I did one once to! Not easy u have tempted me to do it as I struggle with giving up booze 5 gls av and my love of food, the weekly blow out on a takeaway and coffee. Glad you are well.
    I too had a naturopath friend she too kept looking for something wrong! I got my tonsils out at 30 after an allergic reaction in Austria and Switzerland in 2003 when my tonsils got so bad I got over the counter amoxll!

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