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The Fallen Bueno

This is still a sore topic but I think it’s time we face our troubled past so we can move on. Let me explain… The Bueno Incident of 2012. When Lee and I purchased a beef baguette from La Bottega to share, Heather made a purchase of her own – a tomato & bocconcini salad, […]

O Town

So we are back from our first ever trip to Ottawa, after staying with our friends Mike & Heather. My seriously ill husband made a small recovery and after my two fillings at the dentist on Friday morning we hit the road. Firstly, I blame Mike for calling it O Town, as I latched on […]

The dreaded dentist

Shamefully I hadn’t been to the dentist since we left the UK. But upon noticing a broken tooth after the ‘hockey fight’, I was forced to go. It was like the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Incident of 2008 all over again. My first Canadian dentist visit was… intense. I have pretty good teeth apparently, but the […]

Spinach & Pumpkin Salad

This is an easy recipe I kind of just made up when I was on detox, although that one had pear instead of apple, and of course no cheese. Post-detox I changed it, and it worked. After pimping this on Facebook, I was asked to post the recipe here. So this one is for you, […]

I broke my face in a hockey fight

Nah, just kidding, but its the story I am going with for now. Last night Lee took me out for a lovely dinner, afterwards the snow was beautiful and our skates were in the car so we thought we would check out Waterloo Town Square to see how busy the outdoor rink was. Not very […]

The sandwich re-return…

What do you do when you stumble across something amazing and cant stop thinking about it? You go back and find it again, right? So after several days of thinking about the worlds best sandwich, we needed a slight cheer up and went back for it again. The anticipation was killing me,  especially as I […]

Was that the worlds best sandwich?!

We have a problem.  And it may be a bit controversial. Yesterday, after my teeny tiny salad at work I was starving. I knew Lee didn’t have any lunch, and he had the day off, so I asked for him to pick us up a sandwich from Vincenzo’s. For those who followed my 365 Days of […]