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Australia Day and other nonsense

Ok, so today is not Australia Day, not even in Australia, but I am seeing the negativity seething through facebook updates already. Invasion Day people have dubbed it, which is not inaccurate, but I still feel they need to perk the f@$% up and move on. Or have some sort of positive contribution. Or just avoid it all together.  Or move.  I get what they are saying and partly agree, but you can’t change the past, and I don’t see these whiners doing anything to contribute to their ’cause’ for the future other than complain. Personally, I am proud to be Australian, and really making my Aussie accent shine through today, with all the Aussie snacks I bought in to work – vegemite, twisties, cherry ripes, minties, violet crumbles, etc. All of them fun to say with the Aussie twang.  So Happy Australia Day to all those positive people out there! Please stay safe over the holiday and stay away from loud obnoxious drunks…

Here’s a picture of my desk this morning, as you can see its a miserable day outside.

In other news, I start my detox tomorrow. The above picture is one of the reasons I didn’t start  it straight away.  It’s the actual detox, with supplements and all. I was thinking I might do a post about the detox from day 1-10 once its over.   So won’t bore you with details now, lets just say its scary, daunting, and I already cant wait for it to be over.

As for Sober January, well we kissed it goodbye. We cheated on it, then broke up with it. Hardly a classy move but a glass of wine last night is exactly what we needed and my gosh it was delicious.  Back to sobriety for us for the next 12 days, there is the 10 day detox, and a few extra for good measure. It has been fun though, and easier than other years. Probably because of the amount we drank in December. Disgraceful! (but so much fun…)

We are back at the gym in full swing, I even tried a new class on Monday, which was tough on my legs with all the lunging and squats. And I skipped for the first time since primary school. Yes, thats right, I skipped. I am not going to lie to you, it wasn’t pretty, but at least I can still do it! Problem was, I was pretty sore after the class, so yesterday I thought a spin class would help loosen up the ol’ legs, as that used to work after a hard personal training session when living in London. Well, I was wrong, oh so very very wrong. Yesterday I was hobbling around in absolute pain while people chuckled at my strange walk. Plus it hurt to laugh, so I was a bit of a mess. Today is a day off gym, but will be back into exercise again tomorrow.  And the next day. And all weekend. Woot! It feels good to be back! Apparently I have to take it easy while detoxing. That’s a shame…






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