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Arabesque Cafe – A New Dining Experience

Being sober detox January, we find ourselves living like hermits, existing in our little apartment with somewhat of an antisocial attitude. We avoid our usual hangouts in fear of caving in when being surrounded by certain foods, and mostly, beverages. Especially big foamy amber coloured beverages, served cold and in a big frosty glass (the bigger the better). When you are not comfortable with a situation, remove yourself, right?

Well, it started to grate on us a bit so I suggested to husbandman that we try out a place we used to joke about, Arabesque Cafe.  All jokes a side, this Lebanese gem was perfect for a no fuss no alcohol evening, and added to our list of firsts. Now I have to say, we ordered way too much food. I am not going to go into details, because lets face it, its not that kind of a blog. I will tell you that I ordered shish tawook, but instead received the moe plate, which honestly didn’t bother me but definitely says something about their service, though that’s a whole other story.

Both of us agree that the food was awesome. The pitas were the freshest, warmest, softest pitas either of us have ever eaten in our lives. The meats were tender, juicy and lean, the rice must have been loaded with MSG because it was so moreish neither of us could stop shovelling it in, and the salads… The salads! Fresh, light and lovely, I drool just thinking about it. To be fair it’s a little on the pricey side but considering the ridiculous amount of food you get, and the quality? Well worth it. I think we will be hitting Arabesque Cafe up again.



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