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Australia Day and other nonsense

Ok, so today is not Australia Day, not even in Australia, but I am seeing the negativity seething through facebook updates already. Invasion Day people have dubbed it, which is not inaccurate, but I still feel they need to perk the f@$% up and move on. Or have some sort of positive contribution. Or just […]

Operation Bacon Jam

For those who read my blog last year, or are friends with either my husband or I, you would know that we have a bit of an obsession with bacon jam. It all started when I stumbled across Skillet Street Food’s Bacon Jam in a cheese store in Collingwood, Ontario. I went in with a […]

Arabesque Cafe – A New Dining Experience

Being sober detox January, we find ourselves living like hermits, existing in our little apartment with somewhat of an antisocial attitude. We avoid our usual hangouts in fear of caving in when being surrounded by certain foods, and mostly, beverages. Especially big foamy amber coloured beverages, served cold and in a big frosty glass (the […]

Welcome to our new blog…

Yes, thats right, OUR new blog. Lee and I have blogged together before, which I totally hogged, and I have no doubt I will hog this blog also. Initially we started Our Suitcase, which was a LiveJournal blog we started when we first left Australia. It was a way to document our travels and experiences […]

Formatting is everything…

Playing and learning this new blog, this entry is just a test. I repeat, this entry is just a test. Over.